Qualfon – Advanced Technology Center

Qualfon - Advanced Technology Center


At Qualfon India, we are passionate about delivering innovative technology solutions that empower businesses to thrive in the digital age.

Qualfon Advanced Technology Center, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualfon Corporation, incorporated and operational since 2016, based out of Gurugram, in the National Capital Region, India

Actively delivering projects and 24/7 service delivery in collaboration with other regional teams.

Best-in-class talent onboarded.

Flexiable working hours ensure maximum comfort to the business stakeholders.

Provide information protection by ensuring implementation of secure policies and practices for intellectual property, copyrights and sensitive data.

Ensure a robust business continuity plan.

It brings me joy to talk about the Qualfon India center’s remarkable journey into a strategic asset and partner, fully aligned with the goals of Qualfon’s mission. From its modest origins, the center has grown and evolved into a center of excellence by adopting cutting-edge and innovative technologies. The exceptional talent within this center has been at the forefront of global technology initiatives, delivering substantial value through innovative solutions for our business and our clients. We remain committed to elevating our capabilities in social media support, analytics and artificial intelligence, delivering unparalleled customer experiences. I want to invite technology professionals, young engineers and recent graduates to explore and engage with the diverse array of opportunities available at the Qualfon Advanced Technology Center.

Prashant Cherukuri

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

It’s indeed a great feeling talking about how Qualfon’ s India Center has evolved and matured as a Strategic asset and Partner to accomplish Qualfon’s Mission. With modest beginnings, the Center has grown and evolved as a Center of Excellence for Cutting Edge & Cool Technologies adoption. The Best in Class Talent at this Center has been leading Global technology initiatives delivering tremendous value through innovative solutions to our business and Customers. We believe there is a need to continually advance capabilities in social media support, analytics, and artificial intelligence so we can provide the best customer experience. I take this Opportunity to invite Technology professionals, Young Engineers, and College graduates to explore and sign up for a wide range of opportunities at Qualfon Advanced Tech Center. 

Alfonso Barrenechea

Director, Qualfon University

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